Application Overview

QuickFiles will scan in your documents, index the text associated with the documents, and allow full text searching on any document that is in our system. QuickFiles is simple to use and operate.  Listed below are some of the benefits and features that QuickFiles offers.

Sample Screens

  • Search Features - You can search for text contained in any scan image and instantly display the corresponding page.
  • File Cabinet - Create an unlimited number of folders to keep your files and documents organized.
  • Scanning Files - Easily scan your documents, enter additional information and file it away in a folder.
  • Moving Files Between Folders - Video of how you can move files between folders.
  • Uploading Other Files - See how simple and easy is it to manage other files such as word documents and other multi-media.
  • Mark Up Documents - Example of how you can and text and mark up scanned images.
  • User Permissions - See how easy it is to manage users within QuickFiles.
  • Folder Permissions - Example of how you can grant and restrict access to folders
  • Export Documents - Export your documents and files to a self contained CD / DVD.


Hosted Solution - Since QuickFiles is a hosted solution there is no IT staff needed, no expensive servers to purchase, and no backups to worry about. This provides you with both a low start up cost and maintance free operation.

Full Text Searching - Every paper document scanned into the system is processed through our OCR (optical character recognition) engine to enble the user to search for any text contained on any page. This helps the user find information more quickly to improve efficiency and workflow.

Customizable Folders - Our virtual filing cabinet is fully customizable. You can easily configure your folder structure to mimic your current paper and / or electronic filing system.

Help And Phone Support - Every user on the system will have access to our on line help system and / or contact software specialists via phone support. If your staff has questions want to be there be to help them resolve them so that they can get back to their tasks.

Free Upgrades - We encourage our user to email us their request for enhancement and upgrades and as we periodically release new features these will be supplied to you at no additional cost.

Store Any Electronic File - We can also store other files such as word documents, spread sheets and mulitmedia. In this way QuickFiles can be your central information repository for all of your information.

Simple And Easy To Use - Our software is so easy to use we can usually have your staff trained in less than 2 hours. This means by implementing QuickFiles in your office you will experience minimal disruption compared to the setup and training of other document management products.

Windows Application - We have a real windows application that is self updating. The user gets all the benefits of a web application without the typical user screen delays and unrelated user interface data transfer traffic of a web application.


Document Data Is Extracted And Indexed For Full Text Searching

Assign Document Specific Data (Customer #, Customer Name, Etc)

Interfaces With Any Program That Can Print (Save Directly To QuickFiles)

Ability To Assign User And Access Levels

Data Encryption For Secure Network Communication

Ability To Mimic Your Current Paper System Workflow

Virtual File Cabinet (Create And Manage Folders Just Like A Real Filing Cabinet)

Ability to Assign Individual Folder Access Rights

Document Annotation (Ability To Add Notes Directly To The Image)

Document History Tracking (Tracks Both Document Changes And User Activity)

Ability To Store Any File (Pictures, Sound, Movies, And/Or Data)

Export Information To Self Contained CD / DVD